Standard home inspection or 11 month warranty inspection up to 2,000 Sq. ft  – $350

Each additional 500 Sq. ft – $50


Wind Mitigation – $150

4-point – $150

Roof Certification or Roof Inspection – $150

Sewer Scope – $250

Irrigation Audit – $250


Specialty Inspection – $200

Re-inspection – $150

Commercial Inspections and Commercial Wind Mitigations require a proposal

Request proposal [email protected]


There are several different types of inspections. The most common is the residential home inspection which is typically preferred by home buyers. The residential home inspection is a general physical assessment of the current condition of the home. Ancillary inspections, such as wind mitigation/ 4-point/ roof certification, are typically required by insurance companies. These type of inspections are used to evaluate, verify, and document specific components of the home that insurance companies look for when providing a homeowners insurance quote.



The ancillary prices below are stand alone prices. When combined with a home inspection the ancillary inspection price is discounted by 40%. As an example a $350 home inspection + $150 wind mitigation inspection = $440 total. A $150 wind mitigation + $150 4-point = $240 total. When ordering an inspection online submit a request for all inspections you are requesting and once the inspection request is received the discount will applied and a confirmation email will be sent to you.


A specialty inspection is used for inspecting a specific component or system. Inspection of plumbing, electrical, crawlspace, or infrared are examples of specialty inspections. Locating a plumbing leak or faulty electrical component area also examples of a specialty inspection.

A re-inspection is typically used by a buyer after an initial residential home inspection has been completed and the seller has made repairs. This inspection verifies repairs were made correctly.

Investigative Home Inspections in Central Florida

We can inspect homes located throughout Central Florida, in Orange, Osceola, Lake, Volusia, Brevard, Seminole and Polk counties. 

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