All inspection reports come with permit records that are required by insurance companies.

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Home Inspection Report

4 Point and Wind Mitigation Inspection Report

Insurance companies typically require a 4 Point or Wind Mitigation inspection report when obtaining homeowners insurance. The 4 Point and Wind Mitigation inspections are $150 each but discounted to $90 each when combined with a home inspection. If you find that you need one or both of these inspections after the home inspection has been completed, we will honor the discounted price.

Sewer Scope Inspection Report

A Sewer Scope inspection is a video inspection of the inside of the sewer drain pipes in the home. The video is from the roof vent or sewer clean out to the septic tank or city connection if there is no septic. If would like more information on sewer scopes check out Sewer Scope video.

WDO Inspection Report

A WDO (Wood Destroying Organism) or Termite inspection is typically required by lenders. If you are using an FHA, VA , or USDA loan to finance your home then a WDO inspection is likely required.

Irrigation Inspection Report

During every inspection we operate the irrigation system to make sure the system is functional. The zone count, timer brand and model, photos of the system in operation, and a link to timer operation tutorial is included in the standard home inspection report. If you require additional information beyond the standard irrigation test, an Irrigation Audit may be beneficial to you.

HUD Tie-Down Certification Inspection Report

The HUD permanent foundation inspection applies to manufactured homes that were built from June 15th 1976 to present day. This inspection is required by VA, FHA, and USDA lenders. The turn around time for this inspection is typically 24 hours.

Water Test Report

A water test is typically required by VA, FHA, and USDA lenders if the home is serviced by a well. Check with your lender to see if this test is required. The turnaround time for the lab results can be from 48 hours up to one week. Reports are emailed directly to you and your agent. The lab test for Total Coliform and E. coli (AKA Escherichia coli) analysis.

Pool Inspection Report

A comprehensive pool inspection is not included with a standard home inspection. During the inspection we will look at the pool equipment for obvious defects. If you are concerned about the condition of the pool then a comprehensive pool inspection may be right for you.